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A Vitamin C for Skin Cancer
(Basal Cell Carcinoma)

Skin Cancer and Vitamin C

Cure for Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer) - Vitamin C Topically

"...Pass this information on and watch the dermatology industry react..."
My mother just had the same experience as myself by wiping on a saturated solution of ascorbate and watching basal cell cancer's crust up in 24 hours and be totally gone in 1 week.

I had done this to two of them on my face recently. I used ascorbic acid and she used buffered c from life extension which is just like c-salts from nutri.com. I had read about and visited Dr. Riordan in Wichita, KN. and knew of the cytotoxicity of ascorbate to many cancers in vitro. I figured why not put it directly on a basal cell and see what happens.

It is nothing short of miraculous!

Pass this information on and watch the dermatology industry react.

W. W., MD

I had the same experience as W.W. MD who used ascorbate on his skin, only I used green tea, after reading about it in The Moss Report in December.

This is what I did.I took a green tea bag not just any green tea I received a box for xmas kind of a boutique green tea more expensive than I would buy for myself, anyway I put the bag in a mug and about 2 oz of hot but not boiling water over it let it sit till room temp and I removed the outer bag and had a pile of wet green tea leaves I put a pinch of this swampy wet stuff on my very small spot of skin cancer and a bandaid over it.

After 24 hours it was a faded grey color I thought this is definitely changing. I saved the mug by covering it with plastic wrap and refrigeration. I put on some fresh swampy tea and a new bandaid and left it on for 48 hours and when the bandaid was removed it was gone it just dropped off an d was a bleached looking form of it's self. I want to try the ascorbate on it so I'm waiting for the next strange looking black spot to appear I feel armed and ready. The green tea works pretty fast.

No need for expensive creams make it your self cheers! Sincerely, J.Z.

Update from Dr. W.W. MD.

Skin Cancer and Vitamin C

Topical vitamin c does kill basal cell carcinomas. It doesn't matter what cation you have coupled with the ascorbate, it is the ascorbate that does the killing. I have used ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, C-salts, and buffered C from Life Extension Foundation. They all are effective.

The solution is saturated which means no more of the vitamin c will dissolve in the solution. The saturated solution will contain about 500mg vitamin c/ml. The amount of vitamin c in the blood after IV infusion of 15 grams of vitamin c in about 1.2mg/ml. A 60 gram infusion will produce a blood level of 3.0mg/ml. Tumors begin to die when levels of about 2.0mg/ml are reached.

So we see that blood concentrations of 2+mg/ml vitamin c are tumorcidal, and we are applying a solution of 500mg/ml directly in contact with the tumor cell surface. This solution is 250X stronger than the concentration required in blood to be tumorcidal. Apparently enough gets absorbed through the surface to kill the tumor.

Another Case from the Vitamin C Foundation Cancer Forum

June 11, 2015

"... the remaining tumor FELL OFF!"

So, here's my story..

Last Feb, I got a nasty cough. Turned into bronchitis. I thought I was staying healthy (been a runner for 28 yrs) and drink plenty of juices so I get over my rda of C. The bronchitis turned into a sinus infection, then walking pneumonia. It was now early May. Antibiotics didn't help. A co-worker suggested stopping the juices and go water. The pneumonia cleared up shortly thereafter. I had juices in my diet for years which kept my blood sugar too high, the vit. C couldn't compete with the glucose.

Unfortunately, I also had a red splotch about the size of a quarter on my scalp and after a few months of a scab not healing, I had it biopsied (took a few months to even get into see the dr.) . Diagnosed Basal Cell. Its not where it is because of sun exposure, I had my scalp torn there in a fight when I was 18. I'm 46 now. I always wear a hat outdoors and use sunscreen.

I immediately looked online for Basal Cell info. I saw a few articles saying Vit. C kills it. So I started applying the paste (ascorbic acid + distilled water). Immediately I got black skin sloughing off and minor bleeding. When it bled, I stopped until it healed a few days. Meanwhile I ordered some sodium ascorbate online.

3 Weeks later, I had a rough hardened dead tumor on my head. It was black and felt like lava rock. I went to see the referred dermatologist, and of course they scheduled Mohs surgery for it. Since its round, he also wanted a plastic surgeon to close the wound. The PS said he'd probably have to use a flap technique, and if needed a skin graft.

After I got home from the PS, I checked my schedule and realized I had to postpone the surgery because of events I have obligations to. So knowing I had 2 more months, I started another vit C soaking on the area and the remaining tumor FELL OFF!

Now I was basically where I was 8 months prior with no scab and ok skin, just red. I continue to treat the area daily with sodium ascorbate at least 2-3 times a day. I have ordered some DMSO to try and get it down to the basal layers. I'm on week 4 and hope to see more progress but I know it might take 3-6 months or longer.

I'm also taking between 1-3000mg orally and staying on water. Taking a daily multi vitamin too (1-a-day mens). I do have some tinnitus from the VC but nothing that would keep me awake.

People think I'm crazy, but I know what I feel and I can feel it working. I'll continue the treatment and report progress.

Items used:

Update June 18, 2015

Last night I tried potassium ascorbate instead of sodium ascorbate and I could feel the increase in saturation. I only use it once a day due to its potential for overdose. The red area I'm treating was there for over a year and I fed it well (lots of fruit juices) so I'm not expecting visible results for at least a month of this treatment.

I also tried a little diluted DMSO with the sodium ascorbate to test for reaction and that really penetrated.

Some skin regeneration is happening and the crater left from the tumor site is stronger every day.

See this forum topic for more updates Basal Cell Cancer on Scalp (Note: must be a member of the forum to view this topic.)

Vitamin C and DMSO (from Julian Whitaker).

Here's the recipe for my home remedy for treating actinic keratoses and non-melanoma skin cancers: Mix equal parts of powered vitamin C, DMSO (both available in health food stores) and, if desired, vitamin A cream (also called retinol and sold at cosmetic counters). Rub a small amount into the affected area, cover with a Band-Aid, and repeat several times a day. If you don't notice improvements within a month, or if symptoms worsen, see your doctor.

See: http://whitakerwellness.com/health-concerns/alternative-cancer-treatments/skin-cancer-treatment/
Skin Cancer and Vitamin C
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.