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Study Warns Heart Patients to Avoid Anti-Oxidants

Who do we believe?

If you believe this report you are wasting your time at this web site.

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This is a drug ad posing as an article.

My conclusion: The drug is destroying the liver thus the nutrients are being foiled since they are activated by the liver. Only a [sic. deleted] would give large doses of niacin along with a drug that by nature damages the liver! Notice how the article begins by defaming E&C right out of the blocks. In the next paragraph notice how NO studies are quoted pro or con nor how many studies say which. (Goebbels the propagandameister couldn't have done better.) Then they say how the vitamins interfered with the drugs. Is it possible that the drugs interfered with the vitamins? Notice the glowing language about "the drug ZOCOR, which lowers artery clogging LDL cholesterol while increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol," is this guy writing ad copy or what? Is this objective reporting? In a pig's a-- er eye. " It looks like antioxidant supplements in general ... have no value of their own" and may actually interfere with cholesterol drugs' ability to boost HDL, said Dr. B. Greg Brown. What about Engstrom? How about Willis and Fishman in 1953 and Patterson in 1941? C.L. Pirani, I.A. Myasnikov 1958? Shaffer 1970, Gandzha 1961, Federova 1960, Sokoloff 1966, Mumma and Verlangieri 1971

Quoting from SYNDROME X p.188 ""Perhaps surprisingly, as much as 40 percent of a person's risk of cardiovascular disease may be related to his or her overall intake of different antioxidants, according to Joel A. Simon, of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco. Vitamin C plays a critical role in maintaining the health and cardiovascular system. In a study of 6,600 men and women, Simon and his colleagues found that people with the highest vitamin C levels were 27 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease and 26 percent less likely to have a stroke." Also the book quotes from studies back to the 70's that vitamin C lowers cholesterol levels and that 1,000 mg for four weeks can decrease LDL cholesterol by 16 percent while preventing the free radical oxidation of LDL, another risk factor for heart disease and that high blood levels of vitamin C are associated with increases of desirable HDL cholesterol. Vitamin C prevents microcirculatory changes induced by cholesterol in the smallest blood vessels while lowering blood pressure, decreasing total cholesterol, lowering LDL, raising HDL, allowing blood vessels to relax, controlling free-radical activity and damage while reducing the risk of blood clots. Vitamin C reinforces the structure of blood-vessel walls as it produces the MOST PROMINENT protein in the human body, COLLAGEN, the intercellular cement. There is more COLLAGEN in the human body THAN THE SUM OF ALL OTHER PROTEINS COMBINED! In other words there are numerous articles that show that antioxidants do just fine lowering cholesterol all by themselves without destroying the liver, causing muscular weakness and cardiomyopathy or blindness or cancer in laboratory animals as the drugs may do.

Vitamin C lowers dangerous lipoprotein(a) levels in guinea pigs forming the basis for Linus Pauling's Heart Disease Unified Theory of Cause and Cure available on Video from Intelisoft Multimedia. Lipoprotein(a) is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease that when elevated is a 10 times greater risk factor for a heart attack than ordinary cholesterol. It is an unusual lipoprotein composed of LDL cholesterol and Apo(a). When blood levels are more than 20 there is a 70 percent greater risk of a heart attack.

This is the story that has been stonewalled for nearly 10 years because NO DRUGS can do what these nutrients can do:

VITAMIN C and LYSINE are the 2 major building blocks that prevent and cure Heart Disease along with A, E, COQ10, Proline and Carnitine

The Linus Pauling Cure for Heart Disease .Two cheap unpatentable nutrients that put modern cardiology and the cholesterol boondogglers and drug peddlers out to pasture with the buggywhip makers and bloodletters to the tune of 300 billion dollars a year-their loss our gain and the saving of millions of lives. May Linus Pauling be the first to receive a posthumous unprecedented THIRD Nobel Prize and Matthias Rath,M.D. his first!(not posthumously of course) for finding the CAUSE and CURE of cardiovascular disease.

Ralph Lotz,  The Vitamin C Foundation :
Advisory Board Member
The Vitamin C Foundation

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