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Food & Drug Administration attempts to sneak restrictions on vitamins past the public during holiday break and change in executive branch

Washington DC- In an apparent attempt to sneak restrictive international agreements on safe upper limits of vitamins and mineral supplements past public scrutiny, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a letter, just prior to the Christmas holidays, that gives the public only a few days to mount objections to these proposals.

With the Bush administration still a month away from taking the reigns of the executive branch of government, and the public distracted by the Christmas holidays, the Food & Drug Administration issued a letter on December ask

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ing for public comment on upper limits for vitamins and minerals.  The public comment period ends January 16, 2001.  Many parties who object to the proposed limitations on doses of vitamins and minerals in food supplements will be away from their desks and not likely to receive the FDA notification until January 2.  The FDA has already received letters pleading for an extension of the comment period since materials on this topic are not needed till November of 2001.

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