Want to clear my arteries!

Public discussion of how to use Vitamin C to treat and cure cardiovascular disease.

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Want to clear my arteries!

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:11 am

Hello again Owen,

I have spoken to you often [to change my order status] as well as to give my son IV Vit c for mrsa.....*all is well now thankfully.....although I need to increase my autoship depending on what amount you say is necessary for me to increase cleaning of my arteries

I have been using cardio c for past 2 years ....1 scoop per day....

Now I want to CLEAR up my arteries as well as CHELATE any aluminum or lead or mercury or calcium or anything else bad......

How much should I begin taking for that......????? In grams and scoops.....????? How many jars of Cardio c would I need per month?????

Forum poster Johnwen came up with a table based on body weight. See this topic:
That table may help you determine the minimum dose of Cardio-C you require.

Also I read that'''''''''***Pycnogenol: acts as a biocatalyst for improved vitamin C function and improved stability of the artery wall.** And that L-arginine also helps blood vessels by dilating them ,increasing nitrous oxide........

Any comments or pygnogenol suggestions???

pygnogenol may or may not be useful. It doesn't really fit Pauling's orthomolecular idea - molecules the body already recognizes and uses. And the antioxidant property of C is not the important property visa vis chronic scurvy (aka heart disease.) We know this because only L-ascorbate is anti-scurvy. (D-, LD-, DL- ascorbate are equivalent antioxidants, but have no effect on scurvy.)

Arginine is a very safe amino acid that probably does have some effects improving blood flow.

Also I read that""""""**Other studies that have reported supposedly harmful effects, have failed to realize that Vitamin C doesn't work alone in all cases. Bioflavonoids are required for Vitamin C to perform many of its functions and administering Vitamin C at high levels without providing its co-workers can account for the observations they made.""""""

Any comments or bioflavinoids suggestions???

We attempted to cover the bioflavinoid issue in this article http://vitamincfoundation.org/NaturalC.htm

Basically, early experiments showed the generally these flavinoids have no effect on the function of vitamin C in the body. (Vitamin C is unstable, and in my opinion, these are in plants to help preserve vitamin C, but animals which make C in their livers or kidneys, do not make "bioflavinoids."

My recommendation is to up your intake to two jars Cardio-C monthly
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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