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 can hpv (warts) be killed? 
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Post can hpv (warts) be killed?
So interesting story.... I had forgotten when I was 20 a boyfriend infected me with hpv and I had warts that were nitrod off at the time and never had any future symptoms. I didn't know any different and didn't realize the virus was still in my body. When I turned 30, I turned my life around and got involved with ozone therapy, hulda clarks protocols, hal huggsin (went to colorado and had my amalgams removed) and I found a doctor near toronto who did rife type work. He detected HPV in my body which made me remember! He supposedly took care of it (and borrellia) as well as using a bicom machine for heavy metal removal etc. Incidentally I felt AMAZING but he wasn't cheap!!!! I then did tonnes of vitamin c over the next few years and got into wheatgrass etc and getting my life back. In the meantime I had 3 homebirths and learning all I could while raising my kids. I had a few issues like endocervicitis (?) my ND said but I took care of that with ozone insuffilation...but my ozone unit broke 3 years ago and I never got it back from repair ;-( My libido was virtually nil for years while breastfeeding my kids and of course when we did have sex we almost always used a condom. However I would say to him that every time I would sleep with him I would get discharge yeast perhaps? and it would take a week of acidophilous and tampons with tea tree oil/oil of oregano etc. to get rid of it. Fast forward to this last 6 months (10 years after first having kids) and with the addition of fulvic/humic acid and a half dozen or so lypospheric vit c a day, my energy and libido is through the roof - and is holding yeah, it truly is amazing indeed! I feel like I'm 20 again- WOW LOL However, my husband has done no body work at all and his diet went from being healthy what I made to SAD since he is on the road all the time and I'm tired of having 4 kids LOL. I confess my diet over the last several months has seen better days too still pretty good (no pop or junk food) but bread (yuk) and carbs etc. and few veggies ;-( and I've done a couple fasts this year too. (I NEVER FEEL AS GOOD AS I DO WHEN I FAST- I WISH I COULD FAST ALL THE TIME LOL I feel so clear headed and energetic and sharp as a tack and spiritually sound, and also my memory comes back, so strong actually that I can SMELL my past/memories... if that makes any sense? ) I hit a wall though of always being in the kitchen making food and 10 yrs of being dairy, wheat, soy, corn, sugar free with 3 children takes its toll and I took a little vacation this summer and actually took the time to sit in the sun each day with my newfound free time LOL I think the sun and vitamin d has played a huge roll too!

Sooooo long story short (ok not really), after ALOT of sex with my husband over the last 4 months of course I ended up with discharge....uggh. In 10 years I am always squeaky clean and never have discharge EVER. Dealt with it with oil of oregano, tea tree oil and gse internally and on tampon (and a good hmf powder). As well as we've all just completed a month long Humaworm treatment too. I just figured it was yeast - he gets athletes foot sometimes although he also gets cold sores too. Then a a few weeks ago I found a tiny bump external vaginal area. I thought oh oh. Thats never good. But it was just 1 teeny one, I applied some oil of oregano and neve rthought about it (since I had also been shaving). Then I started having vaginal pain, slight urination burning etc. Well NOW, exploration has revealed ALOT of bumps internally OH MY GAWD!!!!!!! I have a doctors appt booked for next week BUT I am pretty sure HPV warts is what I am dealing with although it certainly could be much more severe I don't know.

I guess I would have passed HPV to him originally and now years later he's passing it back? All that work for nothing? arghhhhhh. Ive never seen even one bump on him although he does have these flat grey wart things on the backs of his hands and forearms which I can't figure out what they are. Or of course, there is always the chance he slept with someone else, but he's a good guy and I'd like to think that isn't the case although honestly it was a pretty dry 8-10 years for him after the kids were born ;-(

Bottom line, anyone know how to irradicate this completely? Is it possible using natural therapies to kill the virus? or just manage it? Is it like chicken pox where it will just live there forever and never go away and is only manageable?

I've now bumped up my regiment of lypo c, super strength oil of oregano, gse, b vitamins, hmf powder, lysine and I dug out the zapper too. I was thinking of hydrogen peroxide therapy (as I don't have ozone now) as well as fasting... I also have MMS in my cupboard but have never used it as I hadn't had sufficient time to research it and its dangers etc. As well I have 2 high guass magnets and was thinking of magnet therapy but need to find out how to do that properly as I have read that it can make it worse. ??

any thoughts on whether I should seek out IV vitamin c (I can get it a half hour from my house) or is it better to stick with the lypo c?? any thoughts on how many I can take in a day?

When taking lypo c is it better to take them singly or 2 at a time? which is better? one ever hour sort of thing or 2 at a time 4x a day scenario- I've often wondered that. We've been taking it about a year and a half now.

Any help and additional information or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:31 am
Ascorbate Wizard
Ascorbate Wizard

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Post Re: can hpv (warts) be killed?
A lot do digest, and the assumption is that these "bumps" are caused by a virus.

Vitamin C has great success against viral infections (See: Curing the Incurable - Levy - and the issue seems to be dosage (blood levels). I have recently had two experiences that have convinced me that 5 Lypo-C packets at one time does raise blood levels above what is normally achievable with ordinary oral vitamin C intake. (By the way, what is your current vitamin C bowel tolerance? If you have cancer, we would expect about 30,000 mg/day - see.

However, if you watch Cathcart's lecture on Bowel Tolerance, he makes the interesting observation that the only viruses common to animals are those whose "bowel tolerance" Vitamin C limits are higher than the animals generally make for them selves. In other words, every virus has a particular "killing" dose of vitamin C, some like mono - are very very high.

So if this is a virus, it makes sense to get a very high dose (say 100 g) intravenous sodium ascorbate. (Be careful of the commercial vitamin C preparations, as they may sclerosis the veins. The Cathcart sodium ascorbate method is easy on the veins, easy to mix, safe (bactericidal) and described by video/paper links at )

If you want to attack from every known angle, you would consider Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy, and if such a chamber is not available, then H2O2 (hydrogen Peroxide) treatments - before the IV/C treatments. (Dr. Levy mentioned that they used to give IV/C during the Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy. However, nothing should be added to H2O2 IV which Levy says should
never be in sterile water only.)

Correction 9-15-11
H2O2 should never be in sterile water only. It needs some solute for osmolality, as in D5W or normal saline.

Best regards,

Dr. Levy

Now if it is cancer, you will want to add at least 600 mg of oral Alpha Lipoic Acid (which is probably a good idea anyway - to amplify the effect of the IV/C.)

Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:27 am
Vitamin C Master
Vitamin C Master

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Post Re: can hpv (warts) be killed?
Warts (clumps of viruses) can be easily killed by taking some powdered vit C and mixing it in just a little water to make a paste. Use a finger to dab the paste on the wart and cover with a Band-Aid. Do this twice daily for a few days the wart will be gone. Vitamin C is nature's virus killer.

This won't stop recurrences but it will solve the immediate problem.

Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:11 pm
Post Re: can hpv (warts) be killed?-or is it herpes??/ update
thanks very much for sharing this information. Would it make a difference what kind of vitamin c powder one would use? I have sodium ascorbate ;-)

After posting my original post I had my 'first' ever cold sore, wicked sore throat etc., or some such thing appear at the side of my mouth ;-( My mother and my husband have had cold sores for years however I thought I had managed to escape it. My husband JUST had a cold sore a few weeks or so ago ;-(

Oddly enough I noticed I have these teeny tiny bumps ont he tops of my feet! SO DOES MY HUSBAND. I notice I have a lump wart type thing coming on one of my toes. SO DOES MY HUSBAND. I pointed them out and my husband said hey I have those too. I SAID NO KIDDING, NOW APPARENTLY SO DO I!!! Wow having no sex life in my marriage is what was helping me to get healthy, sigh.

When I started searching for information when the vaginal bumps appeared, I was stunned to discover that HSV-1 which is the one that caused cold sores on the mouth can ALSO be transmitted to the genitals through oral sex. Well...wouldn't you know now I'm wondering if THIS is what I am dealing with????? OMG ;-( The timing seems bang on from when my husband realized he was getting a cold sroe and from my research it can take 'up to' 3 weeks to emerge and the first outbreak can be lots of tiny bumps and a crazy ass sore throat!!!

For a few days I starting using 11% peroxide on a cotton ball vaginally and super strength oil of oregano (yup it burns), but the bumps on my cervix are GONE and my MD could not find the other ones that are there (I can, but I find by feel, not visually- plus he's pretty old and doesn't do these exams really anymore - he had to read the directions on all the packages LOL) . I only did it for about 3 days prior to my pap and then though OH OH, I don't want to skew the test results, so I stopped and will now resume. interesting that my periods are usually a breeze but this month not so much and clotty too?

In the beginning i was already taking around 6 lypo C a day as a maintenance dose as I feel pretty good at that level. THEN i started taking like 15 a day, and experimented with 5 at a time too. There was no improvement and my cervix is still hurting ;-(

I was already taking 12 olive leaf capsules a day for at least 10 days, then added in 10 super strength drops of oil of oregano 2-3x a day, acidophilous. Zapping up to 6 times a day using Clarks classic zap cycle as well as a different cylce. At this point I'm just experimenting so I tapered off the C (because they say of the cancellation effect with the h202) and then worked up to 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide in distilled water 2-3x a day, and 4000 mg of lyseine and added in NAC too.

One thing I noticed when I started the hydrogen peroxide was how much more energy, I started dumping a TONNE of mucous I had AND that the age spots on my hands began to be wayyy less noticeable, practically overnight. However THEN I noticed my "neck skin" and "face skin" getting saggy and if I PINCH/PULL it (like you would to check for dehydration on an animal) it hardly retracts!!! It just looks awful and I look like I've aged overnight and I look scary skinny/guant IMO ;-( I recall when I was doing ozone for years the same thing started to happen to my face and after applying ozonated olive oil to my neck for a couple weeks I practically lost the elasticiity in it- YIKES!!! So I don't know what is going on, but I don't think the hydrogen peroxide is a good idea for me or I need more antioxidants.... not sure.

When THE bump first came on my mouth I thought it was maybe a pimple or something although I never get those. I really didn't think it would take much more then a dab of super strength oil of oregano to take care of "whatever it was". Boy was I wrong! yikes! Its been almost a week and I've used the super strength oil of oregano, 11% hydrogen peroxide topically, tea tree oil, and dmso (not all at the same time!) first it looked better then perhaps this is a coincidence but I bought a topical lyseine cream from the health food store. Now it's spread and I have tiny bumps in clusters in the same area and boy does it burn and I never thought I was vain but I cannot believe how much this just hammers how you feel!

I JUST realized today that if I run my tongue inside my mouth, the area where the bumps are on the OUTSIDE of my mouth is 'raw' on the inside of my mouth??? There was another area on the outside of my mouth yesterday that was burning and itching and I thougth OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT IN ANOTHER SPOT. and sure enough it was raw on the inside of mymouth in that area too- but it is fine today. bizarre

I FINALLY got my dad to make me a litre of Colloidal Silver yesterday (he says I shouldn't have waited so long! I said I just never figured any of the above wouldn't work!) I spritzed it and within about 5 min the burn/itch disappeared. Not for long but I kept spritzing. When I got home I put the super strength oil of oregano on it again (ya it hurts) and soaked a cotton ball in colloidal silver and held it there for 1/2 hour. This morning it is wayyyyyyyy better and I keep applying the colloidal silver and I took a couple ounces as well.

i will try the vitamin c powder, at this point it can't hurt LOL

What an adventure to say the least ;-(

Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:03 am
Ascorbate Wizard
Ascorbate Wizard

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Post Re: can hpv (warts) be killed?
I know the "bumps" seem to indicate virus, but the apparent effectiveness of the Colloidal Silver makes me wonder if it isn't a bacteria? If it is a virus, you and your husband should go and get IV/Cs to eradicate it. The oral H2O2 acts like an antiobiotic, and facial issues aside, I would keep that up for at least 10 days (otherwise if it is bacterial, and you only kill the easy to kill bugs, the hard to kill bugs will have the babies and it will come back even worse and harder to eradicate. )

Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:38 am

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Post Re: can hpv (warts) be killed?
May be some Iodine and Borax would help, i would suggest to visit curezone iodine forums. Borax does kill fungus, but it is more of an underground thing ;-) just read the iodine forums.
May be you will feel comfortable with the entire iodine protocol.
I think high doses of potassium iodide (>1g /day) have some interesting effects on chronic infections. At least most who have done the experiment haven`t regret it ;-)

And of course, i would keep the Vitamin c near bowl tolerance for some time.

Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:43 am
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