News story that Vitamin C helps w/Congestive Heart Failure

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News story that Vitamin C helps w/Congestive Heart Failure

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Vitamin C is not really a vitamin. It is a nutrient that is essential for many metabolic pathways. Interestingly, vitamin C is made by most animals with the exception of bats, guinea pigs and the primate group that includes humans. Although a true deficiency of vitamin C is rare, it can result in the disease scurvy. Vitamin C’s clinical role in people with increased oxidative stress has not been clearly defined, but in one excellent clinical study it may help CHF.

This study was done at the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in Kobe, Japan. It involved 19 patients with mild to moderate CHF. In this study, patients underwent heart catheterization and heart function were measured. One important measure was contractility, or how strongly the heart pumps blood. Contractility was measured before and after 2 grams of vitamin C were infused into the heart. After the infusion, the heart was able to work 20 percent better than before the vitamin C. For someone with CHF, such an increase is a remarkable improvement in function.

In an earlier study, done at the University of Toronto, intravenous vitamin C significantly improved heart contractility in people without CHF, indicating that vitamin C has an important role in overall heart function.

These types of clinical trials have not been done with oral vitamin C. However, several studies have demonstrated that oral vitamin C can improve how well the important interior cells of blood vessels work.

I believe that we have come a long way from just preventing scurvy

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