Stroke patient told to take vitamin C. Good plan.

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Stroke patient told to take vitamin C. Good plan.

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:51 am

Hi Owen,

We've just received Cardio-C, my wife and I now are very excited to have a try at Pauling protocol. My wife is 38, has been suffering from stroke for 10 years as a result of Polycythemia rubra vera (with increasing platelets especially). She has been using a wheelchair for ambulation and taking warfarin, anaegrelide, hydroxiurea for blood thinning purpose.

10 days ago, I met a guy in Tesco who remarked upon seeing my wife on a wheelchair, and he said "take vitamin c a lot, spread it over many times in a day, it might reverse the stroke". Then I stumbled upon your website on Pauling therapy and the products, etc. My plan is to feed ourselves Cardio-C three times a day 2.5g x 3 = 7.5g (total vitC) Aafter three days, if everything goes well, I plan to mix Cardio-C with ascorbic acid and sodium bicarb (bought locally fr UK) for 2 servings a day, such that one serving at least contain 6g of vitC, and one serving without Cardio-C, thus 6g x 3 = 18g. (total vitC). I've also bought LivonLabs Lipo-C, its quite sticky and the taste is not that good.We hope to see a change in quality of life within 30 days from inception of Pauling Therapy via Cardio-C (plus other ascorbic acid and sodium bicarb), God willing.

sincerely, A. M.

Sounds like a good plan. Please keep us informed.

Note on Lypo-C - the correct way to take it (without taste) is to put a small amount of water or juice in a glass. Then empty the packet into the liquid, and gulp. There is no taste taking the product this way.
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