The Foundation is a consortium of physicians and other practitioners, healthcare activists, and other concerned Individuals, as well as of health and nutrition oriented organizations and nutrient suppliers--all of whom are dedicated to promoting the extraordinary therapeutic value of vitamin C. The Foundation has been established to collect, preserve, and widely disseminate scientific research findings, clinical results, and valid anecdotal evidence, both recent and archival, relating to the health benefits of using vitamin C (ascorbic acid), In its different forms: natural foods, oral supplements, topical applications, and intravenous injection. It also intends to raise funds to enable it to financially support worthy new or ongoing research projects pertaining to vitamin C and its health-conferring or -protecting mechanisms within the body.


  1. To address both the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of health conditions, including acute and chronic Illnesses caused by Infectious or toxic agents, degenerative diseases (such as atherosclerosis and cancer), aging, and nutritional deficiency states.
  2. To educate the public and healthcare professionals about a means of achieving optimal health and longevity, through the advocacy of higher-than-RDA ascorbate intake, along with that of other complimentary and synergistic micronutrients or dietary substances (such as phytochemicals, notably the bloflavonoids). It will at the same time supply Cautionary warnings regarding situations in which megadose vitamin C intake could be contraindicated, as potentially harmful to particular individuals due to genetic and biochemical anomalies or certain health conditions (such as hemochromatosis).
  3. To provide information about the many uses of vitamin C, including resources for supply and appropriate dosages, to health providers, the media, and the public. The principal means of doing this will be through producing print and electronic (on-line) publications, such as journals with special focuses that are aimed at several levels of readership, both professional and lay persons. Additionally, multimedia materials, such as videotapes, audio tapes, and CD-ROMS, will be developed for informational purposes. As time and funds permit, special conferences may also be undertaken. The foundation may also market approved vitamin C products and books, both as a convenience to practitioners and the public and a means of earning modest profits to cover operating costs.
  4. To facilitate professional information exchange of research plans and results (as through abstracts), via an electronic bulletin board and periodic published bulletins, that acquaint or connect biomedical researchers with ongoing or prospective projects and studies that relate to their own areas of interest in vitamin C, whether in laboratory or clinical Settings, and epidemiological or theoretical work.
  5. To create the world's first Vitamin C Research Information Center by electronic means, through methodically building a complex database that will record, track, and provide swift and convenient access to the entire range of ascorbic acid-utilizing research, which will also include commentaries and cross-referencing on subsequent verification, variance, or refutation of the original findings.
  6. To function as a centralized fund-collecting and fund-disbursing entity serving the financial needs of laboratory researchers, clinicians, and epidemiologists engaged in studies of vitamin C that have important implications for human health, When its assets and contributions are sufficient to permit giving awards, the foundation will invite grant proposals from researchers and clinicians, or their research institutions or clinical facilities.
  7. To establish an administrative center that will receive and respond to inquiries and requests for resource information, including vitamin C-using practitioners and ascorbate supply sources, via telephone, fax, e-mail , and mail services, from physicians and other healthcare providers, as well as from researchers and members of the public.
  8. To serve as the primary proponent of vitamin C in health maintenance and medical therapy, through a network of affiliated professionals--advocates and spokespersons, highly experienced and knowledgeable about vitamin C, who can actively and effectively Present both new and well-established information to the media, to the public, and to practitioners.
  9. To cover administrative and other operating costs, and also to further its grant-giving, fund allocating role, the foundation will solicit financial support in the form of memberships, subscriptions, donations, and grants from different entities, private foundations, government agencies, medical Societies, for-profit corporations (such as life insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, vitamin C manufacturers, nutrient distributors and retailers), and charitable individuals.
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