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(also see Bird Flu)

I have seen several cases of this flu in the past few weeks.  It definitely is cured or ameliorated by massive doses of ascorbic acid orally and when the patient has desired intravenous sodium ascorbate.  The sodium ascorbate intravenously is not usually necessary to ameliorate this flu sufficiently to make hospitalization necessary.  The massive doses of ascorbic acid orally is usually sufficient.  The massive doses work by neutralizing the free radicals generated by the disease. These free radicals medicate the symptoms of the flu.  When the free radicals are neutralized, the white cells are able to more easily kill the virus.

For treatment see the treatment portion of the Bird Flu page but in the case of the California flu it is only a 70 to 150 gram disease.  See my paper published in 1981, Titrating to Bowel Tolerance, Anascorbemia, and Acute Induced Scurvy.)   This California flu is usually treated best with 4 to 6 grams of ascorbic acid every 15 minutes until it almost causes diarrhea.  Then the dose is reduced.  Listen to your body.  Children usually tolerate proportionate doses of ascorbic acid by mouth very well. The dose will be variable when you gain experience.  Practice before getting sick if possible.  People with ulcers, gastritis, esophagitis, or other GI tract problems may not be able to do this.  These people should see a physician to treat these conditions before they need to take massive doses of ascorbic acid.

Never allow yourself to become dehydrated when you take massive doses of ascorbic acid.  Drink water regularly.

Note: only for those practiced at taking ascorbic acid by mouth and who know they usually tolerate it well, there is a stomach flu currently in Santa Clara County, December 2005, that causes nausea and vomiting.  It feels just like you would imaging if ascorbic acid was "burning" the stomach.  Usually the patient vomits shortly after the disease presents, then start small doses 2 to 6 grams every 15 minutes.  If you respond well you will settle the stomach and it will cut the duration of the nausea and the fatigue following.

Links for Vitamin C and flu, Google ~1,690,000, Yahoo ~3,150,000

Over 3 million links for Vitamin C and flu.  What more evidence do we need to realize there is a conspiracy to keep the power of massive doses of ascorbate secret from the public.  The drug pushing industry cannot keep this secret long because of the internet.  They won't even order serum levels of vitamin C in sick patients because they would reveal the acute induced scurvy (i.e. the serum levels would be or almost be zero.)  One trick that is anticipated is to use inadequate doses and then claim that high doses like 4 to 10 grams a day (which are ridiculously low doses for these diseases) did not help.

Links for California flu and Cathcart and Vitamin C, Google ~964, Yahoo ~356

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