The cure of polio was published by Fred Klenner, M.D. in a peer reviewed medical journal in 1949. (click here for paper).  There has never been an article describing the use of massive doses of vitamin C in the doses prescribed by Klenner which has denied this cure.  I suppose it was such a part of the medical religion that polio could not be cured that many ignored this cure.  But I am also sure that there were some familiar with these treatments that knew that massive doses of ascorbate worked that figured that ignoring this cure would just paralyze a few children but that if this cure was widely know it would  be a tremendous loss to the drug industry and most importantly, the loss of their jobs.

Not only is this horror bad enough but the hiding of this vitamin C secret in the cure of polio and similar thinking in the treatment of other infectious diseases has prevented the discovery of the treatment of most acute infectious diseases.  This genocidal ignorance and flat out murder has cost multi-millions of lives.

These bastards have kept the newspapers, TV, radio, science reporters, lawyers, courts, etc. in line on all this.  Let us see if they can stop the internet.

If you have a website or even Email and have seen the power of vitamin C against infectious diseases, even colds or flues, please copy this site and other sites related to vitamin C cures and put them on the net.  It has been my experience that when many people get seriously ill with diseases that massive doses of vitamin C would cure, it is too late   Massive doses of ascorbate will not be administered in hospitals.  So start fighting now.  Maybe it will be available when you or your family need it.


New Polio Cases: Indonesia, Angola, 07/09/05

To hell with these 100 people.  The fact that polio can be easily cured with intravenous sodium ascorbate must be kept secret.  Let's get some "experts" from the WHO quickly in Angola because if they do not some uninformed physician may cure some cases with intravenous sodium ascorbate and that would be a disaster to the drug industry.  We have got to protect the money, money, money of the drug industry no matter how many die or are paralyzed.

Polio Is on the Rise Again Despite Global Effort

Well here it comes again.  To hell with these children; we have to save the profits of the drug industry.  The global effort is not to cure polio, which has already been done, but to keep this cure secret.