Anthrax infections will certainly be ameliorated, if not cured, with massive doses of ascorbate by preventing the free radical deaths.

First I want to admit that I have never seen a case of anthrax.  However, I can say with absolute certainty that massive doses of ascorbate will ameliorate the disease.  The reason for this is that all infectious diseases cause most of their injury to us by way of free radicals.  Sufficient doses of ascorbate will neutralize the free radicals.  This is simply a matter of chemistry.  Free radicals are molecules that lack an electron.  Free radical scavengers act by donating electrons thereby neutralizing the free radicals.  What has not been realized is that the human body is very tolerant to massive amounts of ascorbate that carry massive amounts of electrons.  When you provide enough electrons, you will neutralize the free radicals generated by infectious diseases and prevent free radical deaths.

There are several important facts to bear in mind when thinking about ascorbate. 

    1.  When ascorbate loses its two extra electrons to neutralize two free radicals, it becomes dehydroascorbate (DHA) which has a half-life of only a few minutes.  So that if the DHA is not rereduced back to ascorbate rapidly, the ascorbate is permanently lost.  If this destroys all of the ascorbate in the diseased tissues, I call this acute induced scurvy.  When this situation gets bad enough to cause death, I call this a free radical death.

    2.  Ordinarily, the mitochondria provide the electrons to refuel or rereduce the DHA back to ascorbate but when the mitochondria are damaged in the area of inflammation not only are the mitochondria not able to refuel the ascorbate, the damaged mitochondria become to source of massive amounts of free radicals.

    3.  White cells require a small amount of ascorbate to eat up bacteria so that when free radicals rob the electrons from vitamin C, there is rapidly not enough ascorbate left to fuel the white cells so the body is unable to defend itself until sufficient antibodies build up.

    4.  Free radicals turn on antibodies but it takes several days for a significant amount of antibodies to fight the infection to be produced.  However, some antibodies may be activated against antibiotics given to treat the disease and this can cause serious allergic reactions.

    5.  The more serious the disease is, the more free radicals are produced and therefore the more ascorbate is destroyed.  This results in acute induced scurvy and sometimes a free radical death.  Moderate doses of ascorbate may, depending upon how toxic the disease is, prevent the spread of this acute induced scurvy. This is why the moderately high doses recommended by Linus Pauling reduced the incidence of complications of the common cold.  However, to neutralize all the free radicals in the primary sites of infectious diseases, it takes more massive doses of ascorbate.

    6.  There appears to be a threshold dose, the amount of ascorbate necessary depends upon the toxicity (the amount of  free radicals) of the disease.  The necessary amount of ascorbate will be that which can drive the electrons into the tissues primarily involved in the disease and neutralize all the free radicals.  Doses of ascorbate less than that necessary to drive the electrons into the tissues primarily involved in the disease will not cure the disease.  Sometimes these smaller doses of ascorbate may ameliorate the disease by preventing the spread of acute induced scurvy into adjacent tissues.

    7.  My experience with giving massive doses of ascorbic acid orally to over 25,000 patients  and with giving intravenous sodium ascorbate to over 2,000 patients would indicate that with inhalation anthrax that intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used in doses beginning with at least 180 grams per 24 hours in addition to the Cipro.  If the fever is not controlled or the symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should be increased until they are controlled.  The doses of 180 grams per 24 hours would be administered in 3 bottles of lactated Ringer's, D5W. or 1/2NS with 60 grams of sodium ascorbate added per 8 hours.  Do not be afraid of increasing the rate of administration.  When I give one to two of these bottles in the office I have them run in 2 to 3 hours each.  However, when administered in a hospital, the administration should be constant, around the clock at the rate and amount to eliminate the symptoms.  When I mention a rate that is administered in 24 hours, I mean just that, the rate.  If the fever does not abate in the first 3 or 4 hours, the rate should be increased to whatever necessary to break the fever.  However, when the fever and other symptoms abate then the rate of administration can be reduced.

        For cutaneous anthrax the doses will be less because it is not so toxic as the inhalation form.  In patients who have good bowel tolerance, bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid orally along with Cipro will hasten healing and prevent many problems with Cipro.  When the inhalation form of the disease has remitted to the point where intravenous sodium ascorbate is no longer necessary, bowel tolerance doses should be given orally until there is completer recovery.  When bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid are used orally be sure to keep the patient well hydrated.  Do not under any circumstances let the patient become dehydrated when large doses of ascorbic acid are being administered orally.

    8.  Since not everyone exposed to the anthrax bacteria finally manifests the disease, it is almost certain that maintenance doses of ascorbic acid orally taken up to bowel tolerance will decrease the incidence of the disease in those exposed.  But be sure the patient always is well hydrated.

    9.  In case that a patient is sick enough to be hospitalized with an infection, flu like symptoms or fever of unknown origin, intravenous sodium ascorbate should be given until the fever and other symptoms go away.  Even if the infection is not anthrax, elimination of the free radicals will ameliorate any disease and reduce problems caused by necessary antibiotics.  if it is anthrax, smallpox, Ebola, etc., a useful treatment will have already been initiated.  If it really is the flu, the worst thing that can happen is that you get well right away and do not develop complications requiring more medical care.

    10.  When these massive doses of ascorbate are used, allergic reactions to antibiotics such as Cipro is markedly diminished if not eliminated because of the elimination of the free radicals that turn on these adverse reactions.

    11.  Some have been concerned about dehydroascorbate (DHA) being toxic.  Actually, what we are concerned with is the DHA/AA redox couple.  This may be a problem with small doses of ascorbate (although I have see no clinical evidence of this.)  While usually when ascorbate neutralizes free radicals and becomes DHA, the DHA is less oxidizing than the free radicals it neutralizes so no harm is done.  However, and this is the safety of massive doses of ascorbate (AA), if the ascorbate is administered in amounts and at a rate at which the redox couple, DHA/AA is kept reducing, then no toxicity results even with the DHA that is produced.  Since the half-life of DHA is only a few minutes, maintaining a reducing redox potential is not difficult if one gives enough ascorbate.  When the redox couple is kept reducing, it forces the electrons into the tissues involved in the disease and neutralizes all free radicals.  This is why the studies on ascorbate where low doses of ascorbate are utilized are ridiculous.  To conclude that 1 to 3 grams of ascorbate will take on even the common cold after it gets going is stupid and the people running such a study show their ignorance of what is being claimed about ascorbate and how it should be used.  Unfortunately, in the past, a study with positive results for ascorbate is difficult to get published.  Negative studies are easily published.  One could easily design a clinical experiment on the effects of ascorbate on anthrax with inadequate doses of ascorbate and conclude that ascorbate was of no value in treating anthrax.

    12.  It is interesting that it is planned to scrub the air in the Senate building somehow with vitamin C filters.  Since I have no access to anthrax bacteria, I have no way to tell for sure that intravenous ascorbate would directly kill the anthrax bacteria in a patient.  However, I had a patient years ago whose job was to culture water in Lake Tahoe, and culture water going into and out of the sewage plant there.  He took a liter of water, added 1 gram of ascorbic acid to the water, and then added a drop of the feces filled water from that going into the sewage plant.  He culture that mixture every 15 minutes.  In two hours, it was sterile.  If one were to administer to a 70 kilogram patient, 120 grams of ascorbate in 2 hours, the concentration in the body would exceed that concentration used in that experiment.  I wonder what would happen to the anthrax bacteria at that concentration.  In this case, a possible direct killing effect on the anthrax bacteria could not be ruled out.  This killing of the anthrax bacteria would be in addition to its certain neutralizing the free radicals generated by the disease.

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Hemorrhagic Fevers

Ebola, Lassa fever, Marburg virus, etc., are examples of hemorrhagic fevers.  These are extremely toxic diseases, probably 500+ gram diseases and rapidly cause acute induced scurvy.  The patients begin to bleed everywhere as one would expect from scurvy.  Massive doses of ascorbate given at a rapid enough rate should ameliorate or cure these diseases if treatment is begun soon enough.  Here again, the massive doses of ascorbate works by way of neutralizing free radicals and preventing the free radical deaths.

Other Means of Bioterrorism



Military Uses of Ascorbate

Besides those things described above, ascorbate would be very helpful in the treatment of injuries, wounds, burns, etc.  Massive doses of ascorbate does all these things by neutralizing free radicals.  After injuries, surgeries, etc. the secondary pain can practically be eliminated with massive doses of ascorbate.  Ascorbate is also extremely effective in the treatment of burns.  It is a tragedy for loyal Americans to suffer unnecessary from these conditions because of the unwillingness to use massive doses of ascorbate.  Let's prevent these massive free radical deaths.

Pharmaceutical Industry Developing 256 Agents To Fight Infectious Diseases

This is the site government officials apparently do not want you to hear about.  Please email this link to every friend you have.  Let's see if government officials can be forced to listen to the web.  Especially, if you know anyone in the Post Office, let them know.  Tell the FBI and CIA.  Forget the CDC, they obviously do not want to hear about this.


It seems to be impossible to get through to any government officials.  As the bioterrorist crisis deepens, no one is listening.  Please send messages to everyone you can think of in the Federal Government, State Governments, CDC, NIH, news media and anyone else who should be interested to look at this website,   We undoubtedly can ameliorate anthrax and can probably cure most cases of inhalation anthrax with massive doses of ascorbate and the appropriate antibiotics.  We also block most of the allergic reactions to such drugs as Cipro.  So far I get no responses from anyone.  How many deaths do there have to be before they will listen.  If other agents such as smallpox, Ebola, Lassa fever, Marburg virus, etc. are used the morbidity and mortality would be decreased by the proper use of massive doses of ascorbate.

When will they listen.  Maybe now that anthrax has been found in the post office of the FDA, they might listen but I doubt it.  We see how unprepared we are for anthrax, imagine the millions who will develop acute induced scurvy and will die unnecessary free radical deaths if smallpox or one of the hemorrhagic fevers are used.

Please contact every government agency that you can.


Content (C) 2001, Robert F. Cathcart, M.D..

Robert Cathcart, M.D.


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