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Ebola and Marburg Virus

Google Search for "Vitamin C" and Ebola yields ~ 37,200 links


Note that the 2005 epidemic in Angola which was first referred to as an Ebola like virus has now been called the Marburg Virus.  It does not make a difference from the point of view of treatment with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Both diseases kill by way of free radicals which can be neutralized by massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.

Note on another hemorrhagic fever ( acute induced scurvy):  Nurse Pineo, the first white that survived the Lassa fever (another hemorrhagic fever) outbreak in Lassa, was, on her own,  taking vitamins (Fuller, JG. Fever. Reader's Digest Press. 1974.)  Of course that was ignored and they used her convalescent serum for subsequent cases of Lassa fever in medical personnel.  Why not give subsequent cases vitamins also?  Maybe especially massive doses of vitamin C - to prevent the acute induced scurvy. 

It does not take a genius to figure out that with the increased bowel tolerance to oral ascorbic acid somewhat proportional to the toxicity of the disease that the most serious infectious diseases would rapidly exhaust all the bodies vitamin C, acute induced scurvy, and cause bleeding all over the body and finally free radical deaths.

Doses of Intravenous Sodium Ascorbate Indicated

My experience with giving massive doses of ascorbic acid orally to over 30,000 patients  and with giving intravenous sodium ascorbate to over 2,000 patients would indicate that with Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fever diseases that intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used in doses beginning with at least 180 grams per 24 hours.  If the fever is not controlled or the symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should be increased until they are controlled.  The doses of 180 grams per 24 hours would be administered in 3 bottles of lactated Ringer's, D5W. or 1/2NS with 60 grams of sodium ascorbate added per 8 hours.  Do not be afraid of increasing the rate of administration.  When I give one to two of these bottles in the office I have them run in 2 to 3 hours each.  However, when administered in a hospital, the administration should be constant, around the clock at the rate and amount to eliminate the symptoms.  When I mention a rate that is administered in 24 hours, I mean just that, the rate.  If the fever does not abate in the first 3 or 4 hours, the rate should be increased to whatever necessary to break the fever.  However, when the fever and other symptoms abate then the rate of administration can be reduced. 

How to prepare these sodium ascorbate solutions for intravenous use is described in detail (click here.)

        When the Ebola or any other hemorrhagic disease has remitted to the point where intravenous sodium ascorbate is no longer necessary, bowel tolerance doses should be given orally until there is completer recovery.  When bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid are used orally be sure to keep the patient well hydrated.  Do not under any circumstances let the patient become dehydrated when large doses of ascorbic acid are being administered orally.

           Because there is a breakdown of the blood vessels, it might be helpful to give a couple of grams of bioflavonoids and a multiple vitamin every day.  Oh! but I forgot, these are not patentable so not profitable to the drug industry.

                                            2006 Stories about Ebola-Marburg Virus



2005 Stories about Ebola-Marburg Virus

Five Die of Ebola in Republic of Congo, 07/11/05

Ooops, the WHO "experts" better get there quickly.  Some honest physician may test for blood levels of vitamin C which of course will be zero and then it would take either an idiot or genocidal maniac not to use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to try to save the patient.  Here is a hint to anyone who wants to get a failure in the literature.  Wait long enough and/or give inadequate doses of ascorbate.  The drug industry will jump with glee and publish your failure immediately.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Ebola epidemic over for now, WHO says

If true, that was close.  If the the dying had kept up maybe some honest expert would have tested for the blood levels of vitamin C and when seen to be zero with acute induced scurvy, tried to cure the disease with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Then the vitamin C secret would be out and it would have cost the drug industry trillions of dollars over a period of time.

"We are looking for new tools with which to fight Ebola which, in the long term, will make the disease banal,"  Hah, in a pigs eye.  Anything but massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  They have kept the cure of polio secret over 54 years so as to make profits that have killed millions, what do a few in Africa dying mean?  Absolutely nothing compared to the importance of making money for the drug industry.

Only man, monkey, the guinea, and the fruit eating bat do not make ascorbate.  Only the experts with their heads up the drug industry's rear cannot put two and two together and figure out why the chimpanzees carry and die of the diseases.

Uganda announces Ebola alert along its western border

Quarantine is the only thing that will work against these hemorrhagic fevers that will not uncover the vitamin C secret.  Whether large doses of ascorbic acid would prevent a percentage of these hemorrhagic fevers, I do not know, but it is certain that intravenous sodium ascorbate in massive doses will ameliorate many cases by correcting the acute induced systemic scurvy and neutralizing the killing free radicals.  But since those of us who have studied ascorbate know in can cure polio, it is obvious why all this has to be kept secret for the profit of the drug industry.

CONGO: Ebola death toll up as patient refuses help

Now they are blaming the patient.  Maybe a patient sees that the expert care usually just prolongs the misery as they die of hemorrhaging.  Maybe if those jerk experts would put aside concerns for the profits of the drug industry and test these hemorrhaging patients for their blood levels of vitamin C and then treat the acute induced systemic scurvy with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to neutralized the killing free radicals, to stop the suffering, stop the hemorrhaging, and if done soon enough properly, cure some of the patients; maybe the patient would have not refused treatment.

Ebola kills another in Congo, Score May 29, 2005 = 311 + 10 = 321.

Still they are not testing for serum testing for vitamin C levels which will be obviously zero.  This is so that the fact that the hemorrhagic fevers are a systemic acute induced scurvy because that would reveal the vitamin C secret and be a financial disaster for the drug industry.

Congo Isolates 2 Districts Hit by Ebola, Score May 18, 2005 = 311 + 9 = 320.

Maybe they can get 120 deaths in the Congo alone like last year dying of hemorrhage without testing the serum levels of vitamin C.  Long live the profits of the drug industry.

Marburg virus toll in Angola crosses 300 mark, Score May 18, 2005 = 311 + the 8 in Congo = 319.

Still no tests for serum vitamin C.  Joy to the drug industry. Let them bleed, bleed, bleed.  Do not test for scurvy.

Death toll climbs from Ebola-like fever, Score May 16,2005 = 292  plus the 8 in Congo, they hit 300 and have not tested for serum levels of vitamin C once in these hemorrhaging cases.  My, the experts must be proud.

Baffling diseases emerging from Africa

All of these diseases ultimately kill mostly by free radicals so it does not make any difference as to which disease it is, it should be treated immediately with massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.  Since these species do not make vitamin C, it is easier for these diseases, by making massive amounts of free radicals which destroy vitamin C,  to induce acute systemic scurvy and its resulting high fever, hemorrhaging, etc. (all the symptoms of scurvy).  It is interesting that  MAN, HIGHER MONKEYS, GUINEA PIGS, AND SOME BATS DO NOT MAKE VITAMIN C so these hemorrhagic fevers would kill them more rapidly and they have relatively poor resistance to them.   Dogs do make vitamin C so these diseases do not kill them as rapidly and they can be a long term host. We humans can make more vitamin C in our chemical plants than a dos but we have to have the intelligence to take it.  Nature just has the dog make more vitamin C when it is threatened.  Since the elimination of these free radicals cure or ameliorate so many diseases, the drug industry must prevent the vitamin C secret from getting out to the public by all means.  All the millions of dollars being spent on vaccines and drugs hide the fact from the public that we already know how to simply cure most of these diseases.

Ebola-like virus kills at least eight in Congo, experts score May 12, 2005 = 280 + 8 = 288

Now that these killer viruses have hit 2 countries this year, you would think that the experts would at least try the theory that hemorrhage frequently = scurvy, that the blood levels of vitamin C in these patients should be tested.  Then when the blood levels of vitamin C are found to be zero (any idiot would know that when an infectious disease is causing a high fever and hemorrhaging the blood levels of vitamin C will be zero, DAH), they should treat this acute induced systemic scurvy with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  But, no, the experts have their heads so far up the drug industry's rear that they absolutely refuse to even test for blood levels of vitamin C.  The reason is that if they test for the blood levels of vitamin C, the whole vitamin C secret thing will explode in their faces.  Maybe even the hold on the popular press would be broken.  But meanwhile, let them die on, long live the profits of the drug industry.

NIAID awards first $27 million using new bioshield authorities

By keeping the vitamin C secret  and by not recognizing the value of massive doses of ascorbate intravenously, we make it possible to keep getting these multi-million dollar grants to the drug industry.  Ultimately, not only are there many unnecessary deaths from acute infectious diseases but it is costing the taxpayer millions, ultimately billions..

Virus fear over smuggled bushmeat

You would think that the British since Lind was the British physician who discovered that scurvy in their sailors could be prevented with fresh limes: hence the name limey, would figure out this relationship of hemorrhagic fevers to scurvy.  So let us see if they will test these patients with hemorrhagic fever for scurvy and treat it properly with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Do not hold your breath.  I suspect they are just as protective of the profits of the drug industry as the U.S.  If they would read the original works of their Lind, they would find most of the symptoms of scurvy in these cases of hemorrhagic fever.  All this is so obvious that this stupidity has to be bought with money.  Nothing else can explain it.

A global wave of death and disease may be gathering in Asia, and America’s only defense is 2.3 million doses of anti-influenza medication.

It depends upon what is most important, the potential deaths or the profits of the drug industry.  Talk about anti-influenza medication as being our only defense is ridiculous.  I have not yet seen a case of influenza that was not cured or ameliorated by massive doses of ascorbate.  So far I have not seen a single death from flu where massive doses of ascorbate were used.  I cannot even remember a case where hospitalization was necessary. The ascorbate secret is genocidally ridiculous.  They won't even order serum ascorbate levels on these patients because what to do about these cases might be too obvious if they did.

US gets tough over killer flu

Angola's Marburg death toll up to 280, May 03, 2005

257 dead in Angola's Marburg virus outbreak (April 30, 2005)

"In Uige deaths totalled 246, an increase of four in 24 hours, and a further 526 people remain under surveillance"  So what would it hurt to test these for their blood levels of vitamin C?  Because it would reveal the acute induced systemic scurvy and the treatment with massive doses of sodium ascorbate would be obvious.  But no, let them die on to save the profits of the drug industry.

Africa's Real Killer Diseases Win Little Publicity

See, it is obvious that the drug industry does not give a damn about peoples who cannot pay for drugs.  They are now interested in Ebola and other exotic diseases because they may in the future provide a market for some drug that may be developed in the future.  If it is not a drug, like massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate, they have no interest in it.

Outbreak of Marburg Virus Claims 253 Lives in Angola (April 28, 2005)

Crucell N.V.: Single-Shot Outbreak Vaccine Provides Full Protection Against Ebola According to Results of New Animal Studies

Well, finally some good orthodox news.  I would not bet on this, however.  But what about the patients who will die before this vaccine is approved and widely used.  Why not use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to reverse the acute induced systemic scurvy to save most of these patients.  And what if there turns out to be a problem with this vaccine?  And get real, even if the vaccine works perfectly, it will probably only be available to the more affluent in these areas of epidemic (or are we thinking about vaccinating everyone in the world. Ha! That will be a cold day in hell.)  In the case of those paralyzed with the Sabin vaccine, they could have undoubtedly been saved by massive doses of ascorbate.  After all, if it were possible to cure the acute polio, why not cure the polio caused by the vaccine?  The genocidal reason why not is obvious.

Angola's Marburg death toll rises to 235 (April 17, 2005)

     I am back from vacation.  The miracle did not happen.  Massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate were not used against this obvious acute induced systemic scurvy.  The profits of the drug industry are safe.  Yipee!! Let them die on.  It killed 61 people in the 10 days.  But what is that compared to the $21,400,000.00 the NIH will pay for (hopefully) a vaccine.  We know how to save most of these horrible deaths right now but the drug industry has to keep this secret.

Dogs pose Ebola danger, researchers say

         It is well known that many diseases are species specific or that they may pass to different species with varying severities.  However, an almost obvious factor is whether the species produces ascorbate.  Man, higher monkeys, Guinea pig, and the African fruit eating bat do not make ascorbate.  Other species make ascorbate in their liver or kidneys.  This makes them far more resistant to diseases than humans.  It should be obvious that some diseases usually fatal to humans might exist in dogs without being fatal in many cases.  Humans, on the other hand, can make far more ascorbate in their chemical plants but are kept ignorant of how to use this ascorbate to save lives from these diseases  so as to profit the drug industry.

UN says Marburg outbreak in Angola worse than Ebola, launches aid appeal

Killer virus "still to peak", Angola's neighbours to go on alert: WHO, (Toll 174, April 7, 2005)

15 today.  The drug industry must feel great because it shows that no matter how far this genocide goes, they do not have to worry about massive doses of sodium ascorbate being used intravenously to treat the acute induced scurvy of all acute infectious diseases.

Angolan parliament demands rapid measures to fight Ebola-like bug,  (Toll 159, April 6, 2005)

About 5 a day die to keep the massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously secret for the profits of the drug industry.  So 30 experts from around the world are in Angola.  That is of no use because they are all pawns of the drug industry.  They will not test the blood levels of vitamin C because they would find the acute induced scurvy and then any fool would know to give vitamin C.

Angolan death toll from rare virus climbs to 146 (later April 3, 2005)

Let's hope some of the SAD (stupid, arrogant, and defensive) experts get this virus.  Maybe to save themselves they will say to hell with the drug industry and use the massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.  My experience, however, is that they will screw it up even for themselves because they will not follow the specific instructions listed above.  They will use inadequate doses to prove their point even though it will cause their death.

Fear stalks Angolan capital, as Ebola-like bug marches on, (Toll 145 April 3, 2005)

That is 13 deaths in 2 days.  Are the profits of the drug industry really worth all these agonizing deaths?  What if this disease hits the western world?  Will their profits be worth this genocidal stonewalling of massive doses of ascorbate? This may mean millions of lives.  You think this is unthinkable?  Well what about the fact that the cure of polio was published on 1949 and systematically ignored.  They didn't give a damn for all those children.

Outbreak of Ebola-like virus strikes Angola> (April 2, 2005) 132 dead in worst ever outbreak of rare Marburg fever

They can send as many experts as you want but they will never be of any help as long as they all have their heads up the drug industry's rears.  These rear end sucking experts have implied instructions not to use massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.  Let the victims die on; viva la drug profits.

Ebola-like virus kills 127 April 1, 2001) in Angola

Angola's Ebola-like virus toll rises to 122, (March 28, 2005) one short of record

"It kills around one in four who contract it, and a specific treatment is unknown." So say the SAD (stupid arrogant and defensive) experts.  They absolutely will not try massive doses of ascorbate.  It is interesting that if one does a Google Search for "Vitamin C", it yields ~7,210,000 (yes over 7 million) links.  However, if one searches the annual index of the JAMA there is not a single entry for vitamin C. (except in the last 5 years there may be some stupid article about the effects of small doses of vitamin C concluding that large doses can do no good.  They absolutely have to keep secret the value of massive doses of C because general knowledge on its uses would be a financial disaster to the drug industry.)  This whole situation is in a crisis now because if a significantly large number of the public finds out about the value of massive doses of C, then CODEX, already pushed over on the EU to outlaw such doses, will be dead in the USA.  That would mean that the whole genocidal attempt to stop the use of nutrients rather than drugs would be dead.  Then maybe the EU would have to reverse their stupid, murdering law.

Toll (120 - March 27, 2005) rises as Angola grapples with Ebola-like virus outbreak

They still will not measure to blood vitamin C because that would reveal the acute induced scurvy.  And that would tell them that they should give massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to neutralize all the killing free radicals.  That would uncover the stonewalling of massive doses of vitamin C in the treatment of all diseases involving free radicals and would be a financial disaster to the drug industry. Make no mistake, the world is the victim of genocidal killers protecting the money of the drug industry.

Toll in Ebola-like virus in Angola rises to 115, (March 26, 2005)  spreads to capital

UN: Angola's Ebola-like mystery illness mainly targeting children

Ebola-like virus kills dozens in Angola

Oil shares gain; Crucell up on Ebola vaccine OK

Officials (11/14/03) Confirm Ebola Outbreak in Congo

Congo's Ebola Outbreak passes 100 Cases, 3/4/03

New Ebola outbreak reported in Congo, 2/26/03

.Congolese kill teachers accused of Ebola spell, 2/21/2003

Where Does Ebola Hide Between Epidemics?

  • How long will it be before this disease spreads to civilized contries (where they don't kill teachers for Ebola spells but still refuse to learn how to use ascorbate to protect the profits of the drug industry.)  Just think, if this disease mutated and it went airborne and was spread by birds, millions could die a horrible death while the drug companies made a fortune looking for a cure where one already exits.  Sometimes I wonder whether they care about themselves and close relatives.  The most important thing seems to be tow the line and protect profits.

Death Toll from Suspected Ebola in Congo Nears 60

  • Here it comes again.  The acute induced scurvy, hemorrhagic fever epidemic that is bound to hit civilized countries some day and to think most cases could be cured by intravenous sodium ascorbate.  But then that would reveal the effect of ascorbate on all infectious diseases and that would be bad for the drug industry.  Protecting the drug industry from such as loss of profit is worth the millions that might die from bacteriologic warfare or even just a natural epidemic.  What a world we live in.

US hunt for Iraq's Ebola factory

  • How many millions will have to die horribly of free radical deaths just to protect the profits of the drug companies by keeping secret the power of massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to neutralize those free radicals?  If this ability of massive doses of ascorbate were well known, it would be a disaster to the drug industry because with the elimination of free radicals probably all acute infectious diseases could be cured.  It is genocide to continue to keep this secret.

WHO confirms Ebola cases, 6/14/02

Infected gorilla sparked lethal ebola outbreak in Gabon

  • The reason that Ebola could be carried by a gorilla is that a gorilla is a non ascorbate producing animal.  For this reason, Ebola would kill many gorillas just like humans.  An ascorbate producing animal would be far less likely infected but if it was, an ascorbate producing animal would probably be killed less frequently and might even become a relatively healthy carrier.  Man, monkey, and the Guinea pig (and a few obscure species like the African fruit eating bat) do not make ascorbate and so are far more susceptible to diseases such as Ebola.  Man, however, can make more ascorbate in his chemical plants than ascorbate producing animals, he just has to have the brains to use it.  It is sort of like a man can fly higher and faster than a bird in his machines.  The drug companies and other drug pushers do not want this fact about ascorbate found out by the general public because the general disease fighting ability of ascorbate if properly used would almost ruin the drug industry.  This is the reason that the fact that massive doses of ascorbate could cure polio was discovered back in 1948 by Klenner but this fact was kept secret from the public to protect the polio industry.

Confirmed Ebola Cases Rise to 91, 03/18/02

Western Afghan Epidemic Kills 40

  • Note that in this article, the similarity of scurvy and hemorrhagic fevers is implied.  What these health officials refuse to consider is that a disease as toxic with free radicals burns up all the vitamin C in the body and this rapidly produces an acute induced systemic scurvy.  This results rapidly in free radical deaths.  All these deaths could be averted by massive doses of intravenous ascorbate.  This should be obvious.  It is not that these officials a stupid.  It is because it is impossible for a man to understand a concept when his financial wellbeing depends upon his not understanding the concept.  This is a cute fact about human nature but it results in genocide.

  • Obviously, these officials do not even know the symptoms of scurvy.  Bleeding from the anus can be a symptom of scurvy.  Patients with scurvy can bleed from every orifice.

  • I defy these health officials to test the blood levels of ascorbate in these patients.  When they find the levels of ascorbate are zero or practically zero, then they will give ridiculously low amounts of ascorbate like the RDA.  Then they will have a publishable paper when the treatment fails.  These low doses of ascorbate are ridiculous in this type of situation.  You see, this is the type of game that is constantly played to prove ascorbate cannot even cure the common coldTo stop acute induced systemic scurvy see this link.  Any lower dose is murder.

Deadly Ebola Spreads to Gabon's Northern Borders, 2/19/02

Central African Ebola Death Toll Keeps Climbing, 2/19/02

Ebola Outbreak Toll Now at 54, 2/10/02

Ebola Death Confirmed in C. Africa, 2/6/02

Sharp increase in Ebola monitoring

  • They admit that there is no treatment for Ebola.  Why not use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate which are bound to ameliorate the disease by preventing free radical deaths.  It would mean that the public would learn that ascorbate in massive doses would treat any acute viral or bacterial infectious disease by eliminating free radicals and this would cost the drug industry a fortune.  Billions of dollars are spent on research to find drugs to cure diseases and to treat diseases which are already easily cured safely with ascorbate.  If this seems strange, remember that polio was cured by Klenner back in 1948 and that this was kept secret from the public to preserve the polio industry.  Subsequently, studies on vaccines in Russia could not be kept secret and the vaccines were used in the U.S.  Nevertheless, the complications of the vaccines could be mostly prevented with ascorbate and the cases that still occur or the complications that still occur could be prevented with proper use of ascorbate in massive doses.


  • It is amazing how many details are known about these viruses but they will not use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to prevent acute induced scurvy and the free radical deaths.

  • Note that the usual victims of this disease are man, monkey or the Guinea pig (all non ascorbate producing animals.) It is true that they say that "Ebola-Zaire is usually pathogenic for newborn mice after i.c. and i.p. inoculation," however, one wonders how much ascorbate a newborn mouse can produce.  Injecting a large dose of the virus into the skin or peritoneal cavity of a newborn mouse might even overwhelm their ascorbate producing abilities.  They mention that there is probably some unknown vector.  I would look at African fruit eating bate (the other non ascorbate producing animal.)  I would also consider the possibility that some ascorbate producing animals could carry the disease without becoming sick.


  • Note: "This work provides evidence that different rodent species and one shrew species have been in contact with the Ebola virus."  These animals, ascorbate producing animals, were found to be healthy.  This is an interesting finding in that it appears that it is difficult to make an ascorbate producing animal sick with Ebola.  That means that these ascorbate producing animals can carry the virus for long periods of time and be infective.  Just as humans can fly higher and faster in their machines than birds; humans can make more ascorbate in their chemical plants than an ascorbate producing animal, they just have to have the brains to use it to cure Ebola.  So far humans are not that smart.  All humans have to do is to take massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate and they should be as resistant to Ebola as these rodent species and the shrew.  It remains to be seen whether bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid orally would prevent Ebola if used prophylactically.  Lesser doses will not be effective so that if used in a study, the negative results would be easily publishable.

Anthrax (and the Ebola virus) Missing From Army Lab

  • With events like this happening, how can it be justified not to try massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Since millions of lives are at stake, it is no longer justified to keep the facts about massive doses of ascorbate from the public just so that less effective drugs can be sold for profit by the drug companies.  When do we realize that the billions of dollars are not worth millions of lives.


One Step Closer to Conquering Ebola

  • Why not try something cheap and effective in other infectious diseases like acute infectious hepatitis, A, B, C, etc., that is available immediately like massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate? You didn't know that ascorbate could cure acute infectious hepatitis?  You thought that thousands of dollars of interferon that sometimes worked was all that could be done?  You have lots to learn.  But don't bother, you would cost the drug companies too much.

WHO: Medical Experts Remain Shut Out from
Ebola-Affected Areas, 1/15/02

  • I guess that means that if an expert cannot cure the disease that they really do not think they are experts.  Come on "experts" use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate and cure some people and prove you are better than the local witch doctors.

Medical team agrees to return to village hit by
Ebola virus, Death Toll Now 26, 1/14/02

Experts work on new Ebola strategy

  • Anything but massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Something that would save lives and gain the respect of the locals.  That would eventually cost the sales of too many drugs when the world found out how effective they were.

Aid workers flee Ebola zone, more deaths

  • I would be angry also if the "experts" couldn't cure anyone.  Why not try massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate and cure some patients and they would be welcome.  Since the "experts" are unwilling to treat the disease with ascorbate, they are probably secretly happy to be kept out.  We should be also because if one of these "experts" gets Ebola and spreads it to the U.S. or some other Western country all hell will break loose.

Gabon seals off province to curb Ebola outbreak, 1/8/02

Dozens die in central African Ebola outbreak, Death Toll Now 25, 1/8/02

Ebola Returns to African Village, 1/7/02

Ebola Update, UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, January 4, 2002

Death toll rises to 23 in Central Africa's Ebola outbreak, 1/2/02

Deaths bring Central Africa Ebola toll to 22, 12/31/01

  • These free radical deaths result with these, probably 500 gram, diseases are caused by the enormous destruction of ascorbate by the toxicity of these horrible diseases. After a week or so of this acute induced scurvy, the collagen fibers of the blood vessels begin to break down (prolonged acute induced scurvy) and the victim begins to bleed from every orifice and into every organ of the body.  The only way to prevent this free radical death is to give massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Unfortunately, any success of this treatment would reveal this general phenomenon which is applicable to all infectious diseases and all other conditions that involve free radicals.  General knowledge of this treatment would cost the drug companies enormous amounts of money so these people will continue to have to die this unnecessary horrible free radical deaths.  Maybe in the New Year? (Hah - Hell will freeze over first.)

Reuters AlertNet - Deaths bring Central Africa Ebola toll to 22

Doctors fear that Ebola is spreading, 12/29/01

  • But they fear using massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate more because it they did, the cat would be out of the bag and the usefulness of massive doses of ascorbate in almost all infectious diseases would become widely known.

Death toll from Ebola outbreak rises to 21, 12/28/01

Ebola death toll creeps up to 19 in Gabon, Congo, 12/27/01

Ebola Kills Another In C. Africa, 12/26/01

Ebola death toll rises to 18 in Gabon, Congo, 12/25/01

Merry Xmas, but we won't give you massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to prevent your free radical deaths.  In the long-run it would cost the drug companies too much if everyone found out how effective massive doses of ascorbate are against infectious diseases in general.

Four more people infected with Ebola in Gabon 12/24/01

WHO: Ebola outbreak at peak, 12/21/01

Ebola spreads from Gabon to Congo, 12/21/01

WHO: Ebola has spread to the Congo, 12/20/01

  • To hell with them. Drug sales are more important.  If the majority of people found out what massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate could do to Ebola, they would figure out what it could do to many other diseases would be cured if acute induced scurvy was addressed and this would be disastrous to the drug companies.  Let them die a horrible free radical death.

Ebola Kills 16 in Gabon, 12/19/01

Ebola Never Too Far, 12/17/01

Ebola Death Toll in Gabon now 12/17/01

Ebola May Spread From Gabon, Health Officials War, 12/15/01

  • Maybe some of the health workers would try massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate if they get Ebola.  Obviously, others are not worth trying it on.  The question is which is worse, death or disproving their religious belief that ascorbate is no good?

Ebola spreading rapidly in Gabon: Red Cross, 12/15/01

WHO confirms another Ebola death, 3 show symptoms in nearby town, 12/14/01.

Gabon Fears Possible Spread of Ebola, 12/13/01

Ebola victim disappears from Gabon village, raising fears disease could spread

  • The NEWS keeps getting worse.  Maybe not this year, but someday Ebola is going to hit the United States and it will probably kill millions with free radical deaths.  It is a crime that there is this refusal to learn how to use massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.

  • Here is another reason to try massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  If Western medicine could cure anybody of Ebola, the natives would not be heading for the hills looking for witch doctors to cure them and the disease would not spread as rapidly.

WHO team in Gabon to help contain Ebola outbreak

Ebola - A Serious Threat

  • This link has a particularly vivid description of the hemorrhagic aspects of this disease which are very similar to scurvy.  Since Ebola is so toxic we should anticipate acute induced scurvy and free radical death.  Much so this should be averted by massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  See the anthrax page for suggested doses (of course, one would not use Cipro because Ebola is a viral disease.)

New Theories Link Black Death to Ebola-Like Virus

  • It is made clear in this article that this theory that the black death was not plague is not altogether decided.  The horrifying thing here is that if it was hemorrhagic fever that the magnitude of the epidemic was staggering and that current medicine has very little to do about it were it to happen today.  Regardless of whether it was plague or Ebola, it is acute induced scurvy and free radical deaths.  Come on gang, give massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate a trial.  Millions of lives may depend upon it.

Ebola Virus Deaths Rise to 11 in Gabon, 12/10/01

  • Yes, it burns out when the exposure rate is small.  Imagine what would happen is a large United States city with air travel etc.   Yet they will not try massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate to stop the acute induced scurvy and free radical deaths.

Ebola Confirmed in West Africa. 12/09/01

  • It figures that chimpanzees would get Ebola.  They are also a non ascorbate producing animal like humans.  Therefore massive amounts of free radicals would cause acute induced scurvy in monkeys and result in free radical deaths just like with humans.  Why do they not try massive amounts of sodium ascorbate intravenously in these infected chimpanzees?  The obvious reason is that if it works in chimpanzees only an idiot would not try it in humans and when it worked in humans, the whole house of cards of the drug companies would collapse and they would be forced to use ascorbate in all sorts of infectious diseases and then it would be found out that it would help with allergies, injuries, etc., anything involving free radicals.  God help us.

World Health Organization: Fever Outbreak In Gabon May Be Deadly Ebola

  • If rehydration is all that medicine has to offer, why do they not rehydrate with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate?  It would prevent the free radical deaths from acute induced scurvy and that would mean saving most cases.

Congo Fever Death Toll Rises to 28, 12/08/01

  • With these free radical deaths after the acute induced scurvy develops, they bleed and bruise internally, and bleed from every orifice.  To bad that there are political reasons for not using ascorbate.

Mystery Virus Kills Six in Gabon's Ebola Zone, 12/05/01

  • Here it comes again.  The unwillingness to try ascorbate in massive doses might someday cost millions of lives.  Acute induced scurvy and the resulting free radical death is a horrible way to die and probably unnecessary.  In these reported cases, from their point of view, it makes no difference whether it is Ebola or some other acute induced scurvy, any of the hemorrhagic fever result in free radical deaths and probably could be successfully treated with massive doses of ascorbate.  Any stupid researcher who tries small doses of ascorbate in these types of diseases and reports that ascorbate does not work (it will not work in small doses) is guilty of genocide.

  • It seems to me that considering the preparation for an attack by anthrax or smallpox that a bioterrorist attack with Ebola or some other hemorrhagic fever would be far more destructive.  These viruses are available.  And yet the CDC and politicians in this country will not even look into these ascorbate treatments.  To anyone who has experienced the power of massive doses of ascorbate on viral diseases, the reason they will not look into this treatment is obvious.  It would take too much money out of the pockets of the drug companies.  Obviously, if ascorbate worked on any of these diseases, the whole futile (so far) attempt to make a patentable drug that would work as well as asorbate would be shown to be ridiculous.  Is this worth the horrible free radical deaths of millions of people?


Ebola-style killer virus sweeps Afghan border

  • Maybe we should fear this type of virus occurring naturally in addition to bacteriologic warfare.  If you get Ebola, your only hope is intravenous sodium ascorbate followed by oral ascorbic acid to tolerance.  Ebola is about a 500 gram disease.  This means that the free radicals produced by this terribly toxic disease destroys potentially 500 grams of ascorbate (if it were available.)  If this amount of ascorbate is not available, it causes acute induced systemic scurvy.  (See the diagrams below.)  This results in bleeding in all the tissues of the body;  the collagen begins to break down and cannot be replaced without some vitamin C.  The only chance would be massive amounts of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  How to do this takes some practice.  The medical profession better get with it immediately in order to learn how to use this substance.  Sodium ascorbate needs to be stockpiled.  Never mind the fact that this will lead to a general understanding of how massive doses of ascorbate work and will markedly reduce the sales of almost all drugs for other conditions.  This is a potential national emergency and the decrease in drug sales consideration has to be abandoned.  This paper on how vitamin C does not prevent colds and the concept that 1 to 3 grams of ascorbate is a large dose illustrates the fact that the medical profession is still in the kindergarten on the subject of ascorbate.  This comes from deliberately ignoring the subject for generations at an immense cost to Americans and the other peoples of the World in morbidity and mortality.

Ebola found in rodents

  • A soft hypothesis:  In the past, I have observed that if you cannot give a disease to any animal except for man, monkey, or guinea pig, try vitamin C   in high doses on the humans with the disease and you will probably cure the disease.  This is because man, monkey, and guinea pigs do not make ascorbate; other animals do.  It has been observed by many that vitamin C in moderate doses will usually cure a cold only if taken very early.  This is because the moderate doses are not enough to cure the disease after a significant free radical cascade starts.   Massive doses will cure the disease, however.  Even though Ebola is probably a "500 gram disease," the animals who make ascorbate should be relatively immune to it because they are able to control the virus before it can cause the free radical cascade.




























Note: see explanation of this type of chart.

Canada.Com search on Ebola, over 14,000 links.

The number of links shows how seriously the Ebola Virus is taken in many countries.  It could kill millions in this country.  This makes one wonder about why the medical community will not try massive doses of ascorbate on Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever patients who are mostly dying anyway.  It will certainly ameliorate the disease.  In the book, Fever, by John G. Fuller, he mentions that he first survivor of Lassa Fever, nurse Pinneo, was taking vitamins.  If the doctors will not give sodium ascorbate by vein, maybe families might sneak in ascorbic acid by mouth; it might help.  The problem is that this may be a 500 gram disease.

Health Canada rules out Ebola virus as cause
of woman's mysterious illness, 2/8/01
,  but other viral hemorrhagic fevers not ruled out. 

If the doctors do not think she has acute induced scurvy they should test her blood levels of vitamin C.  I will guarantee that they will be zero or almost zero.  Therefore, she should be given massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously followed by bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid as she recovers.

EBOLA IS PROBABLY IN CANADA, 2/6/01, NO, THE AILING WOMAN IN CANADA DOES NOT HAVE EBOLA, 2/7/01, Labs rule out infectious hemorrhagic fevers in Congolese woman, 2/11/01.  Ailment plaguing Congolese woman may never be known, hospital says, 2/12/01

That was close.  They are still worrying about some hemorrhagic fever,  but the patient is bleeding from several orifices.  With the hemorrhagic fevers or any severe infectious disease, the patient's vitamin C is burned up by free radicals so rapidly that they get "acute induced scurvy."  One of the symptoms of scurvy is bleeding of course.   Massive doses of C will probably correct this situation no matter which hemorrhagic fever or other serious infectious disease causes it.  If this lady were given sodium ascorbate intravenously, her recovery would probably amaze all the doctors.  So far, I am not reassured.   With the patient bleeding from several orifices and the cause being unknown, not only do they not know what it is, they do not know how it is spread.  I would not let down isolation procedures;  I would strengthen them and give the patient intravenous sodium ascorbate.  It does not matter at this time what is causing the bleeding, her chances would be better if they gave IVC.

Woman suspected stricken with Ebola came into close contact with only two

Experts Move Against Ebola-Like Outbreak in Congo

Ebola Doctor Buried As Uganda Despairs

Nine dead as Ebola spreads to Pakistan

Demands on ERs to increase during flu season

  • Here again we have a use for oral ascorbic acid and intravenous sodium ascorbate that would save many lives. I will admit that I have never treated a case of Ebola but I have treated hundreds of cases of flu and ascorbate absolutely works to prevent many cases and markedly ameliorates established cases. Flues are usually 100 to 150 gram diseases so they usually do not provoke bleeding. The Ebola is probably a 300 to 500 gram disease so it rapidly causes a severe acute induced scurvy which causes bleeding throughout the body, malaise, coma, death, etc. There has recently been discovered a toxin produced by the Ebola virus which damages the blood vessels and causes the bleeding. This toxin is undoubted a free radical which can be neutralized by massive and only massive doses of ascorbate.

Mystery Disease Kills 7 in Brazil

Ebola spreads from northern to southwestern Uganda

Uganda Confirms Ebola Death Far From
Outbreak Site
Hemorrhagic Fevers

Ebola Virus Kills 80 in Uganda
WHO Says Deadly Ebola Outbreak to Last Months
Uganda Ebola Toll Reaches 103, Survivors

Uganda Ebola Death Toll Rises To 73

Plane quarantined after passenger bled from eyes

Mystery death spurs concern: Ebola not ruled out.

Uganda in terror as Ebola spreads

U.S. Experts Help Tackle Ebola Outbreak

  • OK gang, what would it hurt to use intravenenous sodium ascorbate, maybe in doses of 200 to 500 grams per 24 hours.  They are going to die anyway.  You would have to experiment to find out the flexible doses.   If this disease gets loose in the US, half the people could be dead in 6 months.   Free radicals can always be neutralized with enough vitamin C.   We throw away the vitamin C for the electrons carried.  This is why the enormous doses.   When you neutralize all the free radicals generated by other acute infectious diseases, They are cured.  Come on gang, give it a try; see if Ebola can be cured.  Even polio can be cured with massive doses of IV C.

Ebola death toll in Uganda rises

  • If this disease breaks out in the US, millions could be saved with IVC.

New deadly Ebola outbreak reports in Uganda



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