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Vitamin C The Common Cold and the Flu

Last Updated: Sat Sep 23 13:20:28 EDT 2017
Note: The following material has been substantially revised and edited based on an edict from the United States Federal Death Administration (FDA).
If you place your faith in "medical science" (or those who cloak themselves in that term when they insist that vitamin C has no benefit against the common cold) you may be surprised that Linus pauling was correct all along. There is a cure for the common cold, but the ultra-high doses must be started immediately at the onset of the illness. (What we don't understand is why the FDA doesn't want you to know?)
"I tried your cold/flu therapy, and it works 100%...like magic!

"Great web site! I applaud your efforts." - G. K. Gloucester, MA

We predict that you will find any of the following high-dose vitamin C cold (and flu) cures surprisingly effective. (Let us know: inteligentvitamincusa@gmail.com )

Cold/Flu Cure #1: 8 grams ascorbic acid every 20 minutes

At first sign of cold or flu, begin taking at least 8 g (8000 mg) of vitamin C as ascorbic acid every twenty minutes for 3 to 4 hours until bowel tolerance.

If symptoms recur, continue smaller dosages of 2-4 g every 4-6 hours for ten days to prevent recurrence.

Begin protocol at the first sign of a runny nose, tickle in the throat, etc. If not caught at the beginning, the infection can't be stopped, but you may lessen its severity and duration.

Note: 8 grams equals sixteen - 500 mg pills, or eight - 1000 mg pills.

The 'trick' here is achieving very high blood serum levels by mouth as described in the Hickey/Roberts book ASCORBATE: The Science of Vitamin C.

This recommended surefire dosage is 4 times Irwin Stones recommendation of 2 g every 20-30 minutes for the first two to three hours. If you have trouble with 8 g, you might try lowering to Stone's dosage for the common cold.

Unexpected Early Response in Oral Bioavailability of Ascorbic Acid

Dynamic Flow: A New Model for Ascorbate

Cold/Flu Cure #2: 3.1 g as nasal drops or spray

If you have a low bowel tolerance or stomach distress from oral vitamin C, you may experience great benefit from our second surefire Cold/Flu cure: the nasal spray approach. (Let us know: inteligentvitamincusa@gmail.com )

At the onset of a cold, mix 3.1 grams (3100 mg or about 1 teaspoon sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid crystals) in 100 milliliters (ml) water or saline ( just enough to dissolve all the vitamin.)

dropper: Use dropper and place 20 drops in each nostril,

nasal spray: Place solution in clean, sterile nasal spray device and apply several fine sprays of the ascorbate solution in each nostril.

ascorbate soaked cotton balls: See this post in our forum for this alternate nasal approach for chronic sinusitis.

Repeat often, perhaps every 15 to 30 minutes for several hours, and then once per hour for 24 hours after all symptoms are gone (to prevent recurrences.) Take Irwin Stone's 2 g dose orally.

The idea behind this technique comes from page 19 of Linus Pauling's book HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER (1986 paperback).

"Braenden (1973) reports that administering vitamin C directly into the nasal passage increases the ascorbate concentration in the sinuses to 1000 times that which can be achieved orally. From this we surmise that, 3.1 g (3100 mg) times 1000 might mean that the spray or drops nasally is equivalent to 3 Million milligrams or "units" of Vitamin C orally!

UPDATE 09-22-2002 Feedback on Ascorbate Nasal Spray Interesting idea! Add MSM.

UPDATE 06-07-2002 A Foundation member found the ascorbic acid spray a little irritating to the nostril, and made his own colloidal silver nasal spray - with excellent results!

Cold/Flu Cure #3: 16 g Foundation True-Liposomal Vitamin C (6 hours)

This general cure for infection was relayed to us after using the new China-FREE True-Liposomal Vitamin C in the United Kingdom. Half a bottle (or 16 teaspoons) has suppressed infections within six (6) hours. If you have a low bowel tolerance or stomach distress from ordinary oral vitamin C, you may experience great benefit from our their surefire vitamin C Cold/Flu cure: the True-liposomal approach. (Let us know: inteligentvitamincusa@gmail.com )

Take (8) teaspoons (8 grams) Vitamin C Foundation Approved® China-FREE True-Liposomal to start, followed by another four grams (4) teaspoons three hours later, and another four grams (4) teaspoons three hours after that. (Hour 6)

#4: Cold/Flu Shock Treatment (Medical Medium) Ester-C combined with Raw Honey.

Vitamin C Shock Therapy for early onset colds/flu

While not a cure, this "shock therapy" kept symptoms to a minimum during a 2-week cold using very low dosages of Ester-C.

Zinc shock treatment also recommended

"I read the document written by Owen and his colleague and I was really astonished by the finding they'd made that oral VC supplementation seems to be more powerful than IV VC as its level raises rapidly at the very beginning of its digestion ... just in 2 - 3 minutes.... wow.

I haven't been here for a very long time or maybe I had my eyes shut when browsing here but I have always had an impression that IV C is much more effective method in treating patients ... and well it is to the certain extant but oral administration should not be neglected!

I will tell you something. Owen's findings back up my feelings about that. I have quite often respiratory problems. When I have a bug I feel tickles in my lungs (or bronchial tree.. whatever ..) that tell me that I have an ongoing viral infection ... and If I make 6 - 7 gr portion of VC that I will drink in 1 go .. I have a feeling that this VC goes up there to that infectious area and alleviate this discomfort. I literally don't feel those tickles for some time.. It happens in just about 3 to 4 minutes after drinking!

About 7 days ago, I woke up with elevated heart beats per minute (around 100) in rest and had also the feeling that something is going on there in my lungs again ...

I started loading VC at 08:30. I was taking 4.5g every 6 minutes. I ended up after 64 grams and about 09:50 with a flush. But .. really the feeling of lungs, chest "saturated" with VC is unbelievable...

I wrote to MD Levy. He confirmed that the amount, timing depends on your body. Your body gives you instruction how much and when to take it and we have to listen to it ..."

-- xor2 (from the forum)


The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections.

RESULTS: Overall, reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group decreased 85% compared with the control group after the administration of megadose Vitamin C. CONCLUSION: Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.

Even Low Dose Vitamin C Plus Zinc Supplements Fight Common Cold (two studies)
It is amazing that researchers from a major drug company reported two trials in The Journal of International Medical Research that demonstrated that taking vitamin C plus zinc supplements helps relieve the common cold symptoms and reduce the illness duration.

Silvia Maggini at Bayer Consumer Care Ltd in Basel, Switzerland and colleagues presented data from two preliminary, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials in which patients with the common cold were given a combination of 1000 mg vitamin C and 10 mg zinc for five days.

In both trials, the vitamin C plus zinc supplement nonsignificantly reduced rhinorrhoea duration by 9 to 27 percent. In an analysis of combined data from the two trials of 94 subjects, the vitamin C plus zinc supplement reduced rhinorrhoea over a 5-day treatment more effectively than placebo.

Dr. Robert Cathcart's Treatment of the flu with massive doses of vitamin C...

More Vitamin C for the Flu from Doctoryourself.com

Eight of these trials were double blind and placebo controlled and seven were randomized. Five small trials found a statistically significant 45 to 91% reduction in common cold incidence in the vitamin C group. These trials were short and the participants were under heavy exertion during the trial. Furthermore, three other trials found a statistically significant 80 to 100% reduction in the incidence of pneumonia in the vitamin C group.

Vitamin C Supplementation and Respiratory Infections: a Systematic Review... (Alternative viewpoint with low doses)

Medline: Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold...

BACKGROUND: The role of oral vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the prevention and treatment of the common cold has been a subject of controversy for at least sixty years. Public interest in the topic continues to be high and vitamin C continues to be widely sold and used as a preventive and therapeutic agent. Doses of 200 mg or more daily, reduces the incidence, duration or severity of the common cold when used either as continuous prophylaxis or after the onset of cold symptoms.
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Proof: Orthodoxy is "clueless" about Vitamin C...

FDA Disclaimer
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.