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Owen Fonorow: Vitamin C Heart Disease

Part 1. Taped May 03, 2003, American Freedom Network

Segment 1.
(7:48 History/Willis)

Segment 2.
(14:41 Chronic Scurvy)

Segment 3.
(8:49 HeartTechnology Formula/Recent Scientific Support)

Segment 4.
(6:56 Blocking Vitamin K Calcifies Arteries)

Segment 5.
(7:48 Statin Drugs and Eye Damage)

Part 2. Taped May 11, 2003

Segment 1.
(7:53 Unified Theory)

Segment 2.
(14:47 Proline/Polio/SARS)

Segment 3.
(8:56 Missing Stress Hormone)

Segment 4.
(7:05 Intra Arterial Radiation Danger)

Segment 5.
(4:39 Tower HeartTechnology)

Pauling Therapy Success Stories and Owen's Book...


Trivia Question:What happens to medical doctors who administer vitamins to patients?

Answer: They lose their licenses!

Warren Levin was the first "holistic" M.D. in New York City, in that he was the first to prescribe and sell vitamins at his practice. For this "crime" New York attempted to revoke Dr. Levin's medical license. Included in this audio description of events, is a wonderful mention of how Linus pauling came to the aid of Dr. Levin while testifying before the New York Medical board.

1993 Dr. Levin made a 37 minute audio telling the story about his then decades-long fight with the New York Medical board over the right to prescribe vitamins and administer chelation therapy to his patients. New York was trying to revoke his license to practice medicine. No harm to any patient was ever alleged. His crime? Administering vitamins. This audio was made to help him raise money for his legal defense fund.

Introduction - 1 Minute

Summation - 1 Minute

Dr. Levin's Entire 37 Minutes

When Americans listen to Dr. Levin, realize that Dr. Levin is but one medical doctor who dared prescribe vitamins. This is not an isolated story. Hundreds of other doctors have been attacked by their state medical boards in the same manner and have similar horror stories.

These audio recordings are the same file in different formats, and one or another should download and be playable by windows media player or other similar software.

If you are on blood pressure medications, just listen to the two short 1 minute cuts.

The long audio includes Dr. Levin's account of the efforts that Linus Pauling made in his behalf. Linus flew to New York at his own expense to give five hours of testimony in support of Dr. Levin, only to be ignored in the medical board's decision to revoke Levin's license because Pauling's testimony was .not germane.. Why? Because Linus Pauling was not a medical doctor..

After this period that ended in 1994, Congress passed DSHEA, and for a time our right to vitamins was protected, at least in the USA. But we must be vigilant as I sense the effort to erode our freedoms and persecute alternatives is again on the rise.


"Complete control of Heart Disease..."

Two More Case Studies

Pauling's Vitamin C and Lysine Recommendations for Heart Disease
What Linus Pauling knew about vitamin C that others did not

Two minutes from the Linus Pauling Memorial (1994)

"Animals with emphysema were given vitamin E, vitamin C or Probucol (a medical antioxidant) and the lung damage was measured. Vitamin E and probucol had no effect. Vitamin C protected 90% of the lung damage. This is not a small effect. At a human equivalent dose of .5 to 1.5 g per day."

Various Linus Pauling Lectures on Vitamin C

What Linus Pauling knew about vitamin C that others did not (Windows Media)

Linus Pauling Papers...

"By the mid-1930s, Pauling was beginning to understand that simply knowing the structures of individual proteins was not enough. The essence of life resulted not from individual molecules, but from the interactions between them. During a decade of antibody experiments, carried out through the late 1940s, Pauling built a detailed picture of the binding of antibody and antigen at the molecular level. His findings were surprising. Pauling demonstrated that the precise binding of antigen to antibody was accomplished not by typical chemical means, but rather through the shapes of molecules. He discovered that an antibody fits an antigen as a glove fits a hand.

"By the early 1950s, Pauling felt that he had discovered the essentials of life at the molecular level. He was ready for something new."

More Videos

Robert Cathcart,III, MD Lecture on IVC

Cathcart's Entire (40 Minute) Lecture
Part I - Instructions on the Preparation of Vitamin C for I.V. Use. Written instructions to accompany the video by Robert Catchart, III, MD,

Cathcart's IV Prep Lecture Youtube Video (Edited/Best) @ youtube
Part II - Titrating Oral Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) to Bowel Tolerance.
This is the paper to accompany Part II (Titrating to Bowel Tolerance) by Robert Catchart, III, MD, Part III - Rationale for the Use of High-Dose Ascorbate...

This is the paper to accompany Part II by nonrate by Robert Catchart, III, MD.

Dr. Thomas Levy Video Clips

Living Proof - Vitamin C Cured Swine Flu in New Zealand

Dr David Brownstein on Iodine

Brownstein excerpts on Iodine, Mercury, Cancer and Detox

Other Video Formats Iodine and Iodide Basics (Old Real Player)

Eleven minutes from a David Brownstein lecture on Natural Hormones and Iodine.

This is the fourth and final short clip of Dr. Brownstein on the value of Iodine supplementation.

Video 3: Iodine Detox

Ten minutes from a David Brownstein lecture on Natural Hormones and Iodine.

This video is the third of several short clips of Dr. Brownstein on the value of Iodine supplementation.

Video 2: Iodine Deficiency and the Link to Breast and Prostate Cancer

Twelve minutes from a David Brownstein lecture on Natural Hormones and Iodine.

This video discusses Dr. Brownstein's observations on the value of Iodine supplementation with relation to cystic breast disease and to breast and prostate cancer.

Video I: Iodine is a Chelator of Mercury

Three minutes from a David Brownstein lecture on Natural Hormones and Iodine>

This video is the first of several short clips of Dr. Brownstein on the value of Iodine supplementation.

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